Rada | Social Media
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Social Media

Social Media has become one of the most influential communication tools of our time.

Despite our traditional PR background, we have acknowledged the need to adapt the ever-changing world of media.

Rada’s social media team consists of dedicated staff members from various levels of expertise in addition to extensive experience in communication and public relations.

The Social Media scope of service includes:

  • Creating professional profiles and pages on various social media platforms for our clients with an appropriate profile picture and a cover photo as well as all the necessary information that the brand or business’ target audience expects to see on their page.
  • Monitoring our clients’ social media platforms and keep them posted with any significant updates which may require immediate action.
  • Putting together a strategic posting schedule that will help a businesses to maximize engagement with its fans.
  • Managing our clients’ community by replying to the questions of their audience as well as any heated debates that need moderation.
  • Checking our clients’ progress on social media and providing a monthly report that indicates & explains peaks and valleys in terms of audience-reach and interaction.
  • Creating and designing professional-looking infographics and visual material for our clients’ posts.
  • Copywriting captions to go with the visuals and publish our clients’ posts on their official profiles and pages.
  • Optimizing given visual content for local online usage.
  • Monitoring clients’ competitors and producing a competitors’ report that identifies strengths and weaknesses.
  • Social media buying and creating Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns to drive the right traffic to our clients’ posts.
  • Influencer relations, which connects our clients with the appropriate social media influencers for their business or brand for collaborations and endorsements.